PrinCipessa, ceramic cup 550 ml

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I am a huge fan of ceramic cups-especially in the fall and winter when you can warm your hands by wrapping the vessel. I am even bigger fan and supporter of women :) The cup is quite direct but it shows what is most natural.

The vessel is made out of light, beige clay, covered with pink, glossy glaze- on the outside, in some places you may see delicate orange and maroon reflections (formed from the same pink glaze, but ceramics sometimes surprises:). 

Let the feminine power be with us! :) 

Capacity of about 550 ml.

In a separate offer there are also plates (diameter about 15 cm), with which you can compose a set :)

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The cup are most popular in China and Japan, where they accompany the tea ceremony. The greatest connoisseurs, who claim that the brew tastes different = better when drunk from these small vessels, have also popularised them in other parts of the world. Traditional teapots are tiny, so that they can fit in the palm of your hand. The teapots you will find here have a capacity of about 550 ml, so they are a bit bigger - just in case you have a sudden, unstoppable urge to drink everything at once in big gulps ;-) I have another piece of good news for you (because I never skimp on good news!) - the mugs are multi-tasking, which means that they will work perfectly not only for tea, but also for coffee, cocoa, smothie, or even mohito with an umbrella ;-) 

The cup can be washed in a dishwasher, but I recommend washing them by hand - dishwashers are sometimes quite churlish with the gentleness of a labrador in tomatoes ;-) Hand-made ceramics should be treated like a best friend - eat with it, drink well and protect against falling ;-)

The pots are formed by hand, therefore they will be slightly different from each other and it is possible that you will notice some curves on them, a piece of my soul... and certainly fingerprints ;-) They are just perfectly imperfect ;-) And without a doubt original and unique. 

Glazes used in MONIfaktura do not contain harmful substances and are intended for contact with food. 

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PrinCipessa, ceramic cup...