Welcome to my world!

I really like Guests, so make yourself comfortable and feel at ease. Tea? ;-)

It's me, Monika. And this is my manufactory, which could not have any other name but MONIfaktura. That's the secret ;-) When I think of how many years I've been doing handicrafts, I can remember my pesel number, because I feel much younger than the oldest thing that came out of my hands ;-) 

If I had to describe MONIfaktura in one sentence, I would say that it is a ceramic brand from Wroclaw, which was created out of love for handicraft, nature and the idea of "slow life". Its creator is Monika Sikorska, who changed the dress code and high heels for tracksuit and sneakers and creates for you beauty enchanted in clay. 

But I also have a version for patient people ;-) For many years I have been crossing the doors of creativity after my regular job, where handicraft obviously relaxed me, but what led me to it the most was the desire to realize my own ideas, experimenting and looking for new design, and the vision of creating my own project from scratch, where the beginning is just a thought and the final form is a utility, was always very attractive (I still wear a dress that I sewed when I was in high school, although - let's agree - I went to high school about 900 years ago).

In search of a new space for my uncontrollable need to create, I came across a ceramics workshop. I wasn't sure if we would like each other, but I thought that at most it would be a one-time date and we would never meet again. And BANG! When I met Ceramics, something inside me jumped, like a unicorn jumping over millions of rainbows. It sparked between us right away. There was a fire, or to be more precise- “the fire of the ceramic stove" ;-) 

Over time, creating new forms and learning new techniques was not enough for me anymore. I wanted to get to know and be a part of the whole process, to know everything that takes place outside the workshops behind closed doors, and to which I had no access from the perspective of a participant of the classes. So I started exploring physics and chemistry.... and that one-time date has now lasted 3 years.

Someone wise said "Fulfil your dreams or someone else will hire you to fulfill his". So I slowly started to create my own creative space and that's how I became a Manufacturer, Technologist, Supplier, Marketing Specialist, Logistics Specialist, Warehouseman, Frontend Developer, Cleaner, Photographer, Creative Director, Clairvoyant and Happiness Manager ;-) On a more serious note, I have a diploma in Joking and a license to kill boredom and I am not afraid to use it!

My hope is, you will feel good here. Make yourself at ease, get sucked into a ceramics vortex, look into the nooks and crannies of the categories, ask, propose ;-)

Monia :-)