Ceramic fragrance fireplaces "Spaceship"

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Who said that fragrance fireplaces are used only in autumn and winter, when it's gray and ugly outside? Indulge yourself and summer- use energetic, crisp scents of waxes or essential oils. 

The hand-formed and glazed fireplace "Spaceship" is another manifestation of my sense of humor and fondness for language games and non-obvious associations. The Moon has always attracted me, and also marine climates are no strangers to me, so the project called "Spaceship"-"ship" because the ship of course and "space" because the Moon :)

This is an interesting idea for interior decoration :) 

Diameter: about 12 cm

Height: about 17 cm 

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The fragrance fireplace for wax/ essential oils is dishwasher safe- both the oil/wax bowl and the base.

All dishes and decorative elements are molded by hand, so they will differ slightly from each other and it is possible that you will notice some curves on them, a piece of my soul.... and certainly fingerprints ;-) They are just perfectly imperfect ;-) And already without a doubt original and unique. 

Glazes used in MONIfaktura do not contain harmful substances and are intended for contact with food.

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