"ŻRYJ I DAJ ŻRYĆ", ceramic plate

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The "Żryj i daj żryć" plate is a play on words inspired by a common Polish saying "live and let live"- however to the addition of one letter, the meaning of the sentence is "eat and let eat". This is something perfect for minimalists. Simple in its form, handmade and glazed plate. Made of beige clay. Covered with transparent and blue glaze. The edge is slightly raised. Glazed on one side. 

Perfect for serving breakfast and desserts.

Fired at 1230 degrees, which guarantees tightness and safe use.

Different sizes available.

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The plate is dishwasher-safe, although my clients sometimes worry that dishwashers are quite churlish with the delicacy of a labrador in tomatoes ;-) Handmade ceramics should be treated like a best friend - eat with it, drink well and protect against falling ;-)

The pots are formed by hand, therefore they will be slightly different from each other and it is possible that you will notice some curves on them, a piece of my soul... and certainly fingerprints ;-) They are just perfectly imperfect ;-) And without a doubt original and unique. 

Glazes used in MONIfaktura do not contain harmful substances and are intended for contact with food. 

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"ŻRYJ I DAJ ŻRYĆ", ceramic...