"Moon", ceramic cup

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I am a big fan of nature, phenomena in nature and what is visible and knowable, but inaccessible. Yes- the Moon! It fascinates me :-)

The cup was handmade from a slice of clay. Covered with a turquoise, matte glaze with a brown dots effect. In places, the glaze streaks are visible (although, in my opinion, it sounds negative, and I see the charm in it, which further emphasizes the unique character and proves the handicraft).  The interior is white, glossy. Moon motif with a delicate 3D effect. Surface covered with craters (matte and rough- I really like this effect).

Capacity: more than 500 ml

Dishwasher safe. 

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Dishwasher safe.

Handmade ceramics should be treated like a best friend - eat with it, drink with it and protect it from falling ;-)

Dishes are formed by hand, so they will be slightly different from each other and it is possible that you will notice some curves on them, a piece of my soul... and certainly fingerprints ;-) They are just perfectly imperfect ;-) And undoubtedly original and unique. 

Glazes used in MONIfaktura are intended for contact with food. 

Fired at 1230 degrees, which guarantees tightness and safe use.Fired at 1230 degrees, which guarantees tightness and safe use.

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"Moon", ceramic cup